Our Fleet

Boeing 737 - Operated by UR Airlines

Our Boeing 737 delivers the ultimate reliability, with fuel efficiency and high-value operators required in today’s competitive market. Its undeniable versatility and lower maintenance and operating costs provide a challenging edge regardless of business model or market. Besides all this, the newest cabin design raising the maximum passenger load 150Y/8C class seats, to ensure a comfortable space and a flying experience that exceeds all expectations.

Airbus A320

The A320 single-aisle aircraft has a spacious and open cabin, that provides sufficient seating space, making it into a plane that exceeds the expectations of the passengers who tend to not travel too far. The Airbus A320 allows us to provide a new level of full range leisure options and high-end services, it can hold up to 180Y class passenger, through these features the people who travel with us will find the ultimate comfort and relaxation while being part of our flight.