CEO Message

It has been 8 years since Fly Erbil was established, since 2018 we have had weekly flights to the Caucasus, MENA, and European Countries. Fly Erbil, economically, went through rough times during the Covid Pandemic like all other airlines. However, we took this as an opportunity to analyse everything that we needed to change in order to give our passengers a better time when they are with us. For 2023 and the upcoming years we would like to assure you that Fly Erbil will continue to add destinations and increase its fleet to have more flights per week to make sure your demands are met. Additionally, we are currently working on making Fly Erbil’s application. This application will help our customers see their flights status and they will also be able to book their tickets through the application alongside many more services, overall, we want to leave a better impression on our customers. At Fly Erbil, our cabin crew members are all Kurds, they have been given cabin crew training courses to make sure they give our customers who are majority Iraqi Kurds a better experience when flying with Fly-Erbil. I would like to thank Fly Erbil’s staff and partners who work unconditionally to make sure as a airline and as a family we stay at the top in this sector.